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Having effective facilitation and engaging content can make the different between energising change and creating a damp squib. Our approach is informal, focusing on delivering a session - be it a meeting, workshop or training session - that encourages people to get involved. We use different approaches to bring people together - from drawing to imagination games - and capture meeting discussions in succinct and creative ways. Our training can be tailored for different needs, so just get in touch to chat with us!

some examples


writing for non-experts

We develop and deliver training to help people communicate their ideas to non-expert audiences. We draw from published relevant examples and tailor our content to different disciplines.

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research impact

Our training on research impact ranges from a basic introduction to building impact intor your research process. Sessions are discussion-based, using examples to test knowledge and assumptions.


problem solving

In collaboration with events-guru, Matt Lamb, we've developed an amazing programme that will help you become a problem solving ninja! We draw on examples from Matt's event experience and Jo's higher education knowledge.


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Get in touch

Please use the form below to get in touch and leave us your details. Please also tell us a bit about what you're hoping to achieve from the programme. We'll then arrange a call with you to chat through our approach. 

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