Business process 

We believe that work can always be improved.  We apply common sense to your business processes, talking to the right people to identify bottlenecks and finding ways to remove inefficiencies. Our approaches have saved time and money, and led to the development and reengagement of staff. In a nutshell, we help you to make your business better!


We'll work with you to map your current processes, so you understand the steps involved and can begin to understand what - and where - the bottlenecks might be.


We'll help you identify all the people involved in your processes - from owners to end-users and everyone in between. We'll talk to them to find out what they think.


We're expert in taking a common-sense approach to what will work in different situations. We'll suggest ways to improve your processes and make them more streamlined.


We're passionate about continuous improvement as a way of thinking and working. We'll help you to define what this means for your business and working culture.


We'll help you to identify ways to measure the improvements your process reviews have delivered and communicate those benefits to your staff and your clients. 


We're dedicated to sharing our skills with our clients, so you don't need to keep using outside help. We'll create bespoke training for you and your teams.

What are business processes?

Business processes are a structured set of activities that produce a result. It's essentially all the steps you take in each activity that you need to make your business run. In an ideal world, these processes would be documented, followed by everyone in the same way, and reviewed on a regular basis. But we know that this often doesn't happen, not least because it's usually easier to keep doing things in the same ways, even if they don't quite work as well as they could.

The good news is that it doesn't take much effort to enhance your processes - or to build a culture of continuous improvement, so your staff will be looking out for ways to make things work better. We're here to help get you off the starting blocks!

"We needed an objective professional to facilitate a review and refresh of our labyrinthine business processes. Jo provided the expertise and a useful framework to help us review and revise our processes".

- Teesside University

How can we help?

With years of experience in providing business process solutions and improvement for our clients, we can help you enhance your business model. We can test and review your current processes, recommend improvements and update your documentation. We can also show you how to measure the effectiveness of your processes and provide training to staff. 


This project involved two key elements. The first was to share our approach to business process with the team, to encourage a mindset of continuous improvement. Once this had been delivered, we worked with different members of the team to review specific business process, with the objectives of removing inefficiencies and providing additional opportunities to engage with their members.