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Become a problem-solving ninja!

As well as hosting strategy discussions, holding business process workshops and facilitating meetings and events, we've also been busy developing new content to deliver to you and your people. In the first of our offerings, we've teamed up with events guru and adventurer, Matt Lamb, to create two programmes that will rock your boat. So, if you want dynamic, fun, non-traditional and engaging programmes, then look no further! We combine theory with practical and interactive elements, draw on a range of approaches, and introduce one-of-a-kind case studies, to ensure we deliver the learning outcomes you need. 

For organisations

We've developed a new online programme focused on creative ways to problem solve. Called, 'Problem solving ninja!', the programme includes 5 interactive sessions critically examining established theory, latest thinking and best practice, all illustrated by a case studies drawn from Matt's one-of-a-kind 'Around the World in 80 Events' adventure and from Jo's experience as a strategy and communications consultant. Our approach moves beyond a simple webinar to incorporate lots of great visuals with interactive white boards, mind mapping tools and regular quizzes – so that participants can work together, share what they've learned and test ideas. And we set interesting and relevant tasks in between sessions, for participants to reflect on the topics and start to put their learning into practice. 

Programme overview


Interactive, online sessions to engage participants


Videos shared before and after each session


Not 1 but 2 great trainers, combining experience & expertise

Csae Studies.png

Case studies from around the world


Tasks to complete before and after each session


Exploring creative approaches to effective problem solving


For students

'Escape your comfort zone' is a personal development programme aimed at helping students to establish their goals and set them on their own journey through life. With 10 weekly sessions, we'll look at how to think about the future, articulate ambitions and assess risks, all the while equipping students with tools to solve problems and face-up to challenges that they might encounter as they bring their ambitions into being. We combine practical approaches to problem solving and managing risks with real-life examples and case studies, drawn from Matt's one-of-a-kind 'Around the World in 80 Events' adventure and from Jo's experience as a strategy consultant and business owner. The programme incorporates online sessions, group projects and one-to-one chats and makes use of technology so that participants can work together, share what they've learned and test ideas, to find approaches that work for them.

Programme overview


Personal development supporting individual students to find their path

Group work

Combining online sessions, one-to-ones and group projects


Focusing on engaging content and memorable delivery


Tried and tested methods for managing risks and challenges

Practical tips

Practical ideas to help participants realise their goals


Fun, educational and inspiring!

Why us?

Why us?

What can we say about our team? Well, we don't think you'll come across another duo quite like us! We first met back in the early 2010s while Matt was Student President at Glasgow Caledonian University and Jo was Director of Policy & Planning, and we worked together in a first-of-its-kind collaboration to gather as many student ideas as we could to inform the new strategy for the University. We rekindled our professional relationship early in 2020 – not long after Matt got home from the world's first ever 'Around the World in 80 Events' project – and have been co-developing and co-delivering workshops and events ever since. 


We're both passionate about doing work that is useful and creates an experience that is interesting and new, all the time meeting the needs of clients and customers. Working with us looks something like this:

Get in touch

Get in touch

Please use the form below to get in touch and leave us your details. Please also tell us a bit about what you're hoping to achieve from the programme. We'll then arrange a call with you to chat through our approach. 

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