REF support 

With evaluation in higher education at an all time high, it's crucial that universities can buy-in support when they need it. We're here to help! With experience of working with a range of research offices across the UK, in different areas and of different types, we can work with you to get your REF preparations in order. 


We'll help you to plan out what you need to do to meet REF deadlines. Our approach enables you to step back from the detail to revisit the bigger picture. 


Staffing structures can change at times of high demand, and the right skills are essential to create a REF return that works best for your institution. We can help you think through a staffing structure. 


Research impact for REF is still a new area for many people within the university. We can help build a greater understanding of what impact is - and what it isn't.

Case studies

Writing about research impact is an art in itself. We provide services to help you draft and finesse your case studies, so they tell the story in the best possible way.


We've analysed a number of environment statements from REF2014 to understand what has scored best. We can help you identify the features you need.


We're dedicated to sharing our skills with our clients, so you don't need to keep using outside help. We'll create bespoke training for you and your teams.

Why work with Lucidity?

You've been working towards REF for at least the last couple of years, so why should you turn towards external support? Because REF is a complex process, with multiple facets that need to be understood. And, unless you have a large research office with the capacity to add new posts, it's unlikely that you'll be able to stretch to meet the demands that REF brings.


We know how hard it is to get your plans together and have the right staff in place. We bring experience and understanding of the REF process gained from the research office perspective. We're experts in strategy. We can support you to create effective plans. We can help you identify the right skills for each activity, and suggest ways to get those skills in place. We can work with you to make a convincing case for your research environment, and to build impact narratives that hit the right mark. And we can help you communicate with, and train, staff in different roles across the university so they can build their understanding of the importance of REF.

"Lucidity is a great team to work with - so much so that they immediately feel part of your team. They're not afraid to take on a challenge, and their clarity of thought really helps to get to the heart of problems and potential solutions. They're also great fun to work with!"

University client



We worked with a research centre based at Lancaster University on a consultation to gather views about the impact its research was having with end-users. This involved a set of online surveys, aimed at different audiences (researchers, funders and other end users) and a set of 30 interviews with various stakeholders in the UK and overseas. The work the research unit does is often sensitive in nature and this added an extra layer of complexity to the project, the success of which relied on our ability to establish rapport, ask pertinent question and then analyse and present the outcomes in engaging ways.