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Research support

We know what a busy environment research offices are working in as they support the  fast-changing and complex world of UK research. We're here to help! With experience of working with a range of research offices across the UK, in different areas and of different types, we offer support in reearch impact, strategy, and communications. 



We've worked with universities to develop research strategies in thematic areas, for impact, and for identifying new partnership opportunities. Our approach enables you to step back from the detail to revisit the bigger picture. 



Staffing structures can change at times of high demand, and the right skills are essential to create a an effective and high-performing team. We can help you think through a staffing structure that combines internal expertise with external support. 



Research impact is still a new area for many people within the university. We can help build a greater understanding of what impact is - and what it isn't - through training, good practice sharing and individual support.


writing & editing

Case studies

Case studies

Writing about research impact is an art in itself. We provide services to help you draft and finesse your case studies, so they tell the story in the best possible way for different audiences.



We're dedicated to sharing our skills with our clients, so you don't need to keep using outside help. We'll create bespoke training for you and your teams.

We know the value of clearly communicating research ideas, be that to attract funding or influence policy makers. We can work with you to capture the key elements of the argument and frame that for different audiences.

Why work with Lucidity?


We know how complex the research office is, managing the multiple stages of the research process. We bring experience and understanding of that complex environment, gained from the research office perspective. We're experts in strategy. We can support you to create effective plans. We can help you identify the right skills for each activity, and suggest ways to get those skills in place. We can work with you to improve your processes, increase knowledge and understanding, and translate your research for non-academic audiences.

"Lucidity is a great team to work with - so much so that they immediately feel part of your team. They're not afraid to take on a challenge, and their clarity of thought really helps to get to the heart of problems and potential solutions. They're also great fun to work with!"

University client

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