Creative | Challenging | Clear

It was early 2014. I’d been working on a series of secondments and fixed-term contracts and was back on the search for the next opportunity. What would it be? I’d done over a decade in strategy and policy roles in higher education and wasn’t sure where to go next. I’ve never been afraid of making a decision, but nothing felt quite right. Then it struck me. Why didn’t I set out on my own, and create something new? It was a risk – I was a single parent, with financial as well as parental responsibilities – but one that seemed worth taking.


Within 3 months of making the decision, I had registered my limited company, found an accountant, and my first client. And I haven’t looked back since. Drawing on a network of contacts and experience built up over the ten years I’d worked in various universities, I’ve been involved in some fascinating and challenging projects. I’ve been able to hone my skills, build knowledge in new areas, and work with an amazing range of people.


What makes Lucidity’s consultancy different from others? I hope it’s all in the ethical approach. I’m guided by my three-word motto: creative | challenging | clear, and I bring this to every project and client I work with. 


And that was Lucidity's story. At least until July 2019. After nearly 5 years in business, I decided to that something needed to change, and took the plunge to take on my first employee. The wonderful Jess Vant has joined us to help with research and communications.


I can't wait to see where it takes us! Like me, Jess loves a challenge. And a useful solution. So we could get on well!