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Jo Edwards: Lucidity's founder

My experience comes predominantly from the higher education sector, in a wide variety of roles. I've had what you might call a 'portfolio career'. I've been involved in: strategy development and implementation; project and change management; staff engagement and internal communications; process improvement; and leadership.


I've based my career on the firm belief that you can do things differently, and that the 'norm' should always be challenged. I put this down to my education, where I was lucky enough to be able to spend many years at university. This culminated in a DPhil at the University of Sussex, where I explored the representational techniques used by early modern French travellers and writers to describe and comment on the New World. An obvious preparation for a business consultant? Many would say not, but I firmly believe that the skills I developed during my studies - in research, analysis and critical thinking - has given me a different perspective. 

Away from the office, I enjoy reading, photography, carving, sewing and being out in the woods. I'm passionate about gender equality.

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