We know how important it is to find the right way to get your message across. We have extensive experience in writing engaging and informative content for your website and social media accounts, and we've written on everything from concrete to jewellery design! And we know that effective communications go beyond copy. We also support brand identity, design and engagement across your organisation. If you need communications that work for you, then we can help.


We can help you understand what your customers need. We'll look at your existing marketing and compare it with your competitors to provide a set of recommendations to help you improve. Check out our Smart Communications package!


We're experts in visual identity and have worked with organisations to ensure they're hitting the right notes. We can provide unique and creative design solutions that represent your brand values and helps you stand out from the crowd.


Connecting with people can be difficult, sometimes especially within your own organisation! We design and deliver consultation programmes that help to shed light on the real issues, supporting both internal and external communication. 


We're experienced in producing a wide range of content - both written and image-based - for online, print and other business communications, including reports and presentations. Our approach starts with an understanding of your objectives, and your audience.


We know how important it is to be creative in a way that your customers and clients recognise. We can help you create a brand identity that supports consistency across your suite of marketing. And we love to put our own creative juices into action, helping you create materials that work. 


We're dedicated to sharing our skills with our clients, so you don't need to keep using outside help. We'll create bespoke training for you and your teams, so you feel confident in developing your own content, materials, communications strategy, and more.

What communication support can we provide?

We know how hard it is to get your communications right. And it's a point that can mark success or failure, separating those who thrive from those who struggle. That's why we take the tailored solutions we provide our clients very seriously. We're able to provide a wide variety of bespoke written and visual communications for any organisation, big or small. We can review your current materials and make recommendations that will help you make a difference. And we can help train your staff with the skills they need to develop the communications that really hit the mark.

"Communication is at the heart of Lucidity, and that made everything - from scoping to delivery - seamless."

- University of Strathclyde

Have you heard of our Smart Communications package?

With our smart communication package, we'll review your current communications, compare those with identified competitors, and identify a set of solutions to make your material more effective.




We work on a voluntary basis with this woodlands social enterprise to manage their suite of communications. This has included rebuilding their website, ongoing web management, designing a range of printed materials and creating content for both blog posts and social-media updates. The focus is both on promoting the work of the social enterprise and communicating the importance of engaging with nature more generally. Over the past few years, this had led to an increase in customers attending workshops and other activities, as well as an increase of FaceBook followers, now well over 6,000. Jo is also on the Green Aspirations' Board.