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Radio Silence

Our latest guest post is a bit different. As the amazing weather continues, it's time we all took a moment to slow down, de-stress and think about what's important. So, we're sharing a wonderful post by the Anxious Carver that extols the challenge of meeting targets and the benefits of enforced downtime.

When I started this blog I gave my self the target of writing one post a week. I’ve just checked, and it’s been over 6 weeks since my last post. Way to crush those goals! (Actually, I’m not sure that an English guy in his forties is able to crush goals, except ironically, I think we have to hit targets or something)

Until mid-May I had been of hitting (or at least worrying) my writing targets but, as we all know, life is no respecter of targets or goals. Life laughs in the face of a colour co-ordinated project-planning wallchart.

It’s not that I haven’t had things to write about. I have. Plenty has been happening: a new job; two fantastic craft-based festivals and a broken limb (me, not tree). But it’s the first item on this list that has stalled my writing.

If you’ve read my previous posts, you’ll know that in April I lost my part time job suddenly and in difficult circumstances. The carving and green woodwork courses that I run supplement my income but are not yet providing enough for me to not have a part time job too. Once the world began to spin reliably on its axis again I reached out to my old teaching connections. And so, I’ve climbed back onto the horse that threw me two years ago.

I’m only teaching two days a week and it’s out in the community, so away from the college environment which didn’t agree with me. I teach a small group of adults from the probation service, we do a day of employability training (very informal) and a day of bushcraft. The idea is that this short course helps them to gain confidence and get a foot back onto the ladder. I’m just holding the ladder steady.

I’ll write more about the return to teaching and how it has affected my anxiety in another post. Let’s just say for now that it has been challenging, particularly as I’m still prescription medication-free. I have spent a few days with beta-blockers in my pockets just in case and there have been other days where I considered starting on meds again. But things are levelling out now and the bouts of anxiety are less frequent.

But, like any new job, it has taken over my life while I’ve made the re-adjustment. Hence the radio silence.

And then, two weeks ago I broke my ankle. Genius!

Needless to say, this has also disrupted my routine. I’m trying to view this as a fantastic opportunity to learn important life lessons such as humility, gratitude and patience but in reality, I’m hopping around on crutches and going nuts because I can’t drive, walk, walk my dog or wield an axe.

What the enforced downtime has given me is time to write and I’m going to try and make the best of it by catching up with posts on here.

Tom Bart is a talented green wood worker and writes a great blog. Through his blog Tom turned me onto the very inspirational work of author, entrepreneur and teacher Seth Godin. Cheers Tom! Both blogs are worth checking out if you’re interested in green wood work or personal development.

Seth posts a blog every day. I’m not aiming to do that (my Instagram account @mc-woodcrafts is my daily duty) but I will be posting a couple of times a week while I’m of limited mobility.


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