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Mud, mud - not glorious at all!

If you like the tactic of muddying the waters to make things seem more difficult, then this post isn't for you. And neither is Lucidity! Setting up nearly 8 years ago, I was sick of the habit that some people have of complicating what should be straightforward, so I put clarity at the heart of my approach. In the last of my posts about Lucidity's values, I explain how this comes through in my work.

A strong purpose

I've always believed it's really important to know why you're doing something, so a strong purpose was firmly in my head when I set up the business. And while I've been less clear about how to explain what Lucidity does, I've always known why - it's to make business better. That means better for the people involved in the process or service, better for those interacting with what's being delivered, and better for the planet. I didn't want to become a consultant who was in it for the money, or the fame! I really just want to help to improve stuff wherever I can. I'm also passionate about sharing how I do things and the tools I use, so that clients can repeat the work without needing to pay for yet more consultancy time. Not business savvy, maybe, but it works for me!

A transparent approach

A lot of the projects I work on involve finding out what different people think, and I'm passionate about being able to reflect those perspectives back even when they're not necessarily the opinions that want to be heard. I try my best to set this out clearly with clients at the start so they know that they'll get the unfettered truth. And I also try to use what I hear to formulate recommendations, so they're drawn from the evidence and not from preconceived ideas. This approach isn't always popular, but it's one I'm committed to.

A clear style

My last commitment to clarity comes in my approach to communication. Fed up of trying to decipher dense and often boring language, I've focused instead on just saying it like it is. And I try to do this whether I'm delivering a workshop, writing a report or chatting to people as part of a consultation. Many of you will know that I include visuals wherever possible, to help explain and illustrate the points as clearly as possible, and I try to mirror that approach in my writing, using simple language over complex words every time. This has even led to a new line in workshops - helping clients to be confident in embracing a friendly, interesting and straightforward style in their writing.

Of course, being clear also means I have to be honest about who I am, and I really do believe about being myself at work. So, if we work together, be prepared to find out about my cats, my chickens and my (new) chainsaw skills! And feel free to tell me about your hobbies and passions!


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