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Dust yourself off, it’s time to get back at it

Some of you may come back from the summer break reenergised and motivated, but some of us might not feel quite the same way. Maybe you’re a little frazzled from the long school holidays or just not back into the right frame of mind to tackle the bulging inbox of those who didn’t enjoy some time off over summer… we all know that feeling only too well. To help steer you in the right direction, we’ve put together our quickest tips to getting back to work after the holidays.

1. Spring clean

The first thing you need to do is tidy your space and your inbox to get your affairs in order. Our environment has a big impact on our productivity so take this time to stand back and think, do I feel motivated in this space? This goes for your inbox too. If your inbox is busy, it could lead to you feeling overwhelmed and longing for your next holiday. If you don’t already, consider organising your emails into sub-folders and archive anything that doesn’t need dealing with. Read through those emails you’ve been cc’d in and delete anything that isn’t necessary to you. Your inbox should only be filled with messages you need to get back to. Anything else can be filed away.

2. Taskmaster

Start a fresh to-do list. No, not the one you started before you left! You’re in a new mindset now. Refreshed, organised and inspired. Coming back from annual leave is a good time to reassess what the priorities are and give yourself a new approach. Find out what your team members or your manager have been up to while you were away to establish if there are any new issues you need to take into consideration. Your list should consist of ‘quick wins’ - tasks to tick off quickly and make you feel great when you get a handful in a row – and meatier tasks that need to be broken down and completed in stages.

3. Make it manageable

Now you know what needs to be done, you should go about identifying three to five tasks that you want to achieve on your first day back. Start small and be gentle on yourself. The world won’t end if you don’t tackle your biggest tasks for the first few days. Remember, any progress is still progress. We recommend you don’t include any tasks you find menial or irritating as this will diminish your already fragile motivation and bring you back to square one.

4. Take a breath

It’s perfectly OK to schedule in small, regular breaks to collect yourself and refocus. Get outside for some fresh air. Make a cup of coffee. Or do some reading. We’re a fan of making a fresh cup of joe or taking a read through Twitter and other websites on our reading list to get ourselves back up to date and thinking.

5. Enjoy it!

There’s no need to dread coming back from the holidays. Take this time to enjoy the flexibility of your work load as you come back. You’ve spent some quality time with your family and picked up those books you’ve been meaning to read since your last break. You should be feeling revitalised and liberated to tackle your tasks. So go on and enjoy your work!

Do you have any of your own tips for getting back into the swing of things? We’d love to hear them! Drop your best tried and tested methods into our inbox.

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