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Checking in

It’s been precisely one month into my new venture and I wanted to share how I was getting along at Lucidity. Aside from how quickly the time has gone, I feel a lot has changed since my first day.

I was drawn to this role because of the creative solutions Lucidity Solutions designs within business consultancy projects. As I’ve said before, I’m very passionate about collaboration and communication, which is something Jo, Lucidity’s Founder and Director, shares with me. I was also excited to trial a more flexible approach to working and I’ve always been a fan of keeping out of a routine.

In a short space of time I have had the opportunity to improve my writing skills, express myself more through creative mediums and – spoiler alert – I’ve even designed my first e-book! I’m grateful for the creative freedom I’ve been given here, that has allowed me to grow my confidence, and I’m looking forward to taking that to clients.

Over the coming months, I’ll be focussing on developing Lucidity’s offer through our website, to extend our support even further into more resources and services. I’ll also be exploring the market to identify ways we can provide more facilitation for our clients through workshops and training. Plus, we’ll be working on even more e-books!

I look forward to supporting upcoming projects and bringing my own expertise to the foreground.

A quick PS from Jo: I’m delighted at how well Jess has settled in! It’s been a great month for Lucidity, and long may it continue! Well done Jess :-)


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