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2020: the year of the three Rs

What do the three Rs mean to you? To some, they bring to mind reading, writing and arithmetic. To others, it's reduce, reuse, recycle. While both of these are highly relevant in 2020, we're starting out with a different set in mind: reflect, review and refresh.

1. Reflect

The start of any new period is a great time to stop and reflect, so when better than the start of a new decade? Pausing to consider what has worked well, what you've enjoyed, and what you'd like to do more of is as important in business - no matter what field you're in - as it is in your personal life. Don't forget to consider any changes that might affect your business. Some of these will be big changes that you have little control over, while others might be easier to affect. So, as many of us return to work this week, take time to stop and think.

2. Review

Whether you're looking back over the last quarter, year or decade, your honest reflection will highlight where things could have worked better. The next stage of the process is to adapt your reflections into a more systematic review of what you'd like to improve. It might be that there are opportunities to develop more effective processes, to manage your time better or to create new policies or procedures. Changes within your business, sector or the broader political or economic situation might determine some of these. Use your review to identify what is most important.

3. Refresh

The last of our three Rs is to take action - to refresh your approaches, processes, policies, procedures or broader strategy to make the most of your reflections and review. Depending on the nature and extent of the changes you've identified, you'll need to develop detailed plans to help you manage the work. And you may need to involve different people. But the effort will be worth it.

As we start 2020, we'll be reflecting, reviewing and refreshing how we work. Why not do the same?

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