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Over the past four years, we've worked with a wide range of clients,  across universities, member organisations, and other not-for-profits. Read more about the breadth of our work in the examples below.


Business realignment

ARMA is the professional association for research managers and administrators - the teams that support academic researchers - in the UK. We worked with them on a business realignment project over a six-month period in 2016/17. Starting with an initial piece of research, which focused on identifying core business challenges, the contract went on to include business process review, communication and member engagement strategies, budgeting and cash management planning, relocation of the Association's head office, and restructuring the executive office. 

University of Stirling 

Business plan development

As part of our work with the University, we've been involved in identifying opportunities and developing a business proposal for one of the University's units. We undertook consultation with internal and external stakeholders and researched the external operating environment before recommending a range of new activities and potential clients.

Green Aspirations Scotland CIC

Communications plan

We have worked on a voluntary basis with this woodlands social enterprise to develop a plan for online communications. This has included creating and maintaining a new website for the organisation and managing social media communications, leading to a milestone of 6000 FaceBook looks (up 1000 since in 6 months). Jo is also on the Green Aspirations' Board.


Business process review

A joint project with The Partnership Lab, we worked with PraxisAuril to review business processes after a recent merger of two professional associations. The short project involved working with the team to encourage a mindset of continuous improvement and then examining in detail one of the main processes connected with member engagement.

University of Warwick

Identification of research opportunities

Working as associates for a project led by Research Consulting Ltd, we carried out an extensive consultation with research staff at the University of Warwick to identify and share good practice. Recommendations led to further work, focused on opportunities in the arts and humanities and linked with Coventry's successful bid for City of Culture status, including facilitating a focus group.


Professional development support

Following on from the business realignment project, we were retained to review and support specific elements of the Association's professional development offer. This has involved evaluating and refreshing the Ofqual-regulated qualifications, designing and delivering support to students, reviewing the professional development framework and, this year, acting as project manager for the annual conference. Much of this work has been delivered jointly with The Partnership Lab.

University of Stirling 

Research strategy

We've worked with the University of Stirling on a range of projects, including the development of a research strategy for one of the Schools. Specific work included researching the external landscape, identifying research and funding opportunities, consulting with School staff and drafting a new strategy. 

NMITE - New Model in Technology and Engineering

Research on approaches to education

We worked with Michael Stevenson, now Senior Advisor for the OECD looking at innovative models of education from around the world, from K12 to higher education. This led to the development of recommendations for the strategy and curriculum for NMITE, a new university delivering engineering and technology degree learning in England. Specific contributions included initial desk-based research, interviews, and development of case studies which were used to inform the new approach.

The Inns of Court, London

Professional education

Working with Michael Stevenson again, we were involved in a review of postgraduate provision and continuing professional development resources for barristers in England. Our contribution involved reviewing and evaluating a broad range of learning materials in the UK and around the world, consulting with stakeholders in groups and individual interviews, and creating recommendations for an approach to develop a coherent suite of educational resources.


Developing leadership talent

We worked as an associate on a joint research project that was supported by the OECD, the NCUB,  and Unilever, exploring what leadership talent would look like in the next 20 years. The project focused on two core questions: What is the potential for strategic partnerships between businesses and universities to equip the most talented young people to become today’s leaders, addressing and solving global problems? And, in that context, what are the respective roles of businesses and universities in pursuing them? We were involved in the research to answer both questions and in the production of a range of outputs, including a research paper, a range of brief updates, and a slide deck.

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