A bit about me

Hello! I'm Jess and I am delighted to be writing my first ever blog post as a team member of Lucidity Solutions about how I got here and where I hope to end up.

A little about me first. I'm a challenge-driven individual with experience in events, communications and marketing. I'm very passionate about the innovative ways in which we communicate as individuals, businesses and much wider than that. I'm very active, I enjoy dabbling in different hobbies and I care a lot about well-being.

I was first introduced to Lucidity Solutions back in January 2017 when I began working for ARMA (UK), and Jo Edwards became the Interim Chief Operating Officer. Over the last few years, it became apparent to me that myself and Jo share a unique way of working and I was interested in the diversity of the projects that this business consultancy company was taking on.

I'm excited to be on this new venture with LS and I hope to develop my business skills, learn new perspectives to collaborative work and have fun along the way.

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