smart communication package

With other 4 billion internet users recorded in 2019,  it's not easy to stand out. But that's where we can help! We're expert in supporting small businesses of all types – from sole crafter to social enterprise – to make an impact with their digital and written communications, bringing insight into what works well, analysing where action is needed and working with them to make improvements. We can help you speak the language of your audience!

With our smart communication package, we'll review your current communications, compare those with identified competitors, and identify a set of solutions to make your material more effective.


For just £175 + VAT, you'll receive a concise report with clear recommendations that you can put into action. There's no commitment for further work, although we'd be delighted to help! We offer support in communications strategy, brand guidelines, and website creation.


We'll audit your external communications – including your website, up to three social media channels, and your printed material – to analyse your brand consistency across media. We'll think about the topics you cover, the words and images you use, and the overall impressions that your communications create. 


To inform our analysis, we'll work with you to identify up to three competitors – other brands that are doing interesting things in your sector or field – so that we can compare your digital communications with theirs. We'll use a framework of topics to give you feedback on how well your website and social media posts fare against the competition.


Finally, we'll use the first two stages as evidence to inform a set of recommendations that we think would enhance your communications. Depending on your individual circumstances, this could include how to make your website more user friendly, your social media posts stronger, and your customer, client or volunteer communications more effective.  We'll explain the benefits of implementing the changes and suggest cost- and time-effective ways to make them.

Why us?

We know you get bombarded by unknown offers of communications reviews every day, with a promise to improve your SEO and drive more traffic. Our commitment is to make communications human again. We know how important digital channels are. But we also understand that people are the ones you're trying connect with, not machines. Our smart communication review focuses on developing communications that appeal to people and help them relate to your activities, services or products. We work closely with a range of clients to make communications less daunting and more friendly.

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