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Lucidity Solutions Ltd

About Us

Ethical consultancy services

Here at Lucidity Solutions, we like to do things differently. Never satisfied with the status quo, we’re always on the lookout for new opportunities and challenges. And we like to innovate, whenever and wherever we can.


Lucidity was set up to develop evidence-based solutions for UK higher education and other publicly-funded organisations. We do this by looking at how strategies are created, how processes are developed, and how ideas are communicated. We're passionate about passing on our knowledge and skills, so clients can repeat the process on their own.


If you need guidance, support or insight, you can count on us to bring a fresh perspective.

Our Values

We take a broad view of the issues in question and think about them from different angles. First, we draw on research to shed light on the challenge. Then, we talk to people close to the issues, to get the inside view. Finally, we think about what all this means, drawing on our experience to develop a more independent perspective.

Our Values

We don’t take things on face value. We firmly believe that there’s always a better way to do something (well, at least 90% of the time!) and will seek out opportunities to find ways to improve.


We express solutions in straightforward ways. We try to keep away from business jargon (although the odd bit creeps in) and concentrate on getting the message across. We keep reports short and concise, and look for new ways to express ideas clearly.

Our Services


Strategy is an essential part of your planning, but it takes time and effort to do it well. We can help to engage people across your organisation; to research existing sector issues and service offerings; and to explore potential opportunities for sustainable development.


Business process

We believe that work can always be improved.  We apply common sense to your business processes, talking to the right people to identify bottlenecks and finding ways to remove inefficiencies. In a nutshell, we help you to make your business better!



We know how important it is to find a way to get your ideas across. We also know how difficult that can be, particularly for academic research. We have extensive experience in working with researchers to translate their ideas for different audiences.


Research support

We know the amount of work that research offices across the UK carry out to support research activity. We can help you develop funding applications, translate your research outcomes for non-academic audiences and build your understanding of research impact.



A core part of our approach is sharing our knowledge with others, and we can provide workshops on communication, research impact, problem solving and more. Workshops can be tailored to your specific needs.

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Contact us

Lucidity Solutions Ltd is registered in Scotland with number SC483707. Registered address: East Steading, Cashley Farm, Buchlyvie, Stirling, FK8 3PA.

44 (0) 7717 708108

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